Sam House, Baltimore
Sam House was a great guy from Baltimore. He had a fast, beautiful metal-flake blue '64 Chevy Impala with a 327 and four-speed. Sam was always willing to give people a ride in his car and was never shy about getting into the gas pedal either.

Jim Bible, Ohio
Jim Bible from Coshocton, Ohio. Jim had a very wry sense of humor and a sarcastic way about him.

Jim Erickson, Arizona
Milford "Ogee" Ogier, Oklahoma
This was a road trip that Jim, "Ogee" and I made to St. Augustine, Florida, in Jim's 1959 Dodge, affectionately known as the "Pink Turd." Ogee bought a Fender Stratocaster that year. I hope he kept it, it's probably worth a small fortune today.


dan said...

See this exact spot on Google Maps.,-81.186218&spn=0.298198,0.597382&cbp=12,56.25,,0,1.62&layer=c&panoid=GOSYcSsHJQJQ94oxx4nFUw&cbll=29.907465,-81.316438&dg=opt&t=h&z=11

tom derringer sr said...

I was stationed here in '67-69-worked in test equipment repair shop and had waaaaay too much fum-was a TD3 right out of A school in Millington-looking for Lynn Hammond, a great friend and any of my buddies that worked there or played golf-was base champion at one point and played lots of golf