Others I Remember

Lance Erb had a 1969 Super-Bee, green in color. Oh man, what a car.

One guy drove from (I think) Nebraska in an old yellow MG-TD with red interior. But this thing had a Volvo engine. Very cool car.

Art Wall had a lasting impact on my life. Art inspired me to read, encouraging me by loaning me some of his favorite books. Reading is a passion I carry with me to this day. Art, wherever you are, I can't thank you enough. And if you're wondering where your copy of Lord of the Flies or The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test is, I might have it in my garage.


Theborg said...

NAS Glynco was probably one of the Navys best kept secrets..Super duty station.Wonderful memories..1st Lt's,then to W/C 620 the lead acid locker,then to the NiCad locker,then to the shop proper.Great friends and lots of fun while stationed there.I worked for some outstandng people who made a lasting impression the rest of my career..

W.D. Newsom said...

I was at Glynco from 1960 to 1963. Everything that is gone was there then. I worked in the "T" bldg as a TD2. Personell inspections were held in one of the hangers and on two occasions, clouds came into the hanger and rained on us.
Barracks look different must be new.

Anonymous said...

Great duty station (Jan., '67 - Oct. '68). Great friendship and alot of fun. Worked on the T-39 line as a Jet Mech. Wonder what has happened with a Wave Corpmen named Bonnie Tillery.

Bill Allison


Jim Bernachi said...

My Dad was an instructor there in the late 50's. I spent many hrs in the training bldg with him at nights and in the movies. Movies then cost .25 popcorn 5 cents. He was RD1
we also had a boy scout campjust off the road leading to the training bldg.
I'd love to get there and see how much has changed.

Anonymous said...

I was in personnel from 68 to June of 71. Love Glynco more now than I did then!

Jerry Lunceford

JoAnna said...

Mr Bernachi - know where I could find pics from the late 50's?

Anonymous said...

My dad Mac McKinley a seabee was stationed there in the late 50's also. I am sure he would love to hear about it.