Doug McIntyre, '70-'71

Doug McIntyre (Lockport, NY) was stationed at Glynco in 1970-71. He was kind enough to send his photos of the base along with some images of his fellow RD Division friends.

The barracks parking lot:

Doug's VW Beetle:

Bugs Bower's MG after getting rear-ended:

Bill Mudd's pink Edsel at St. Augustine, FL:

Mark and Rochelle Lewis (Long Island, NY) at Gene and Terri Shipley's place in Brunswick.

Dave Lisset (Minneapolis, MN):

Dave Lang (CA) and Bill Mudd:

Dave Lang at Cape Kennedy:

Fitz Beverage, (Beach, FL):

RDs at a division party, 1971:

Mike Defillipo (Steelton, PA).

RD2 Russ Greeley (Anadarka, OK) and RD1 McManus:

RD2 Simmons:

A couple names here; Kevin Johnson (Fargo, ND) and Tom Demerath:

RD1 McManus:

Photos from a rock festival held on Jeykell Island, March 1971:

Mike Swist (Brookly, NY):

(Left) Dave Drury (Carlinville, IL) and (right) Jim Isadore (Red Bluff, CA):

(In center) Grasty and Norris:

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