My 1969 Honda CL125

I bought this great little motorcycle for hopping around the base and surrounding area. It was a bright yellow, 1969 Honda CL125 Scrambler. Not a big powerhouse but cheap and reliable transportation. Being young and stupid, I never wore a helmet.

The eastern-most barracks are visible through the trees and the watertower (checkerboard, upper left) still stands. Tennis courts directly behind my bike, with the chow hall just off to the right.


Anonymous said...

thank you alot for posting this picture it has been a big help. Cause i found in old honda in great grandpal's building and the title said it was a 69 honda and nothing else. so we have been looking for a good while for pictures of what it was and you posted one so thank you alot.

Sparky said...

Awesome wheels! I would love to have a retro bike for the 'stable'. Bet you wish you still had it. Thank you for sharing.
Ride Safe. ~:)